About us

Toan Thang Plastics Trading, Production Co., LTD was officially founded on Nov 26 – 2002 under business license # 5002000217 granted by Long An Province investment, planning departmentwith functioning of specializing in producing, trading all kinds PP, PE bags for farm product, fertilizer, refined sugar, rice poultry livestock feed and aqua product. The whole workshop, office are located at National Route 1A Hamlet 1, My Yen Village, Ben Luc Dist, Long An Province on an area of 40.000m2.

Toan Thang Plastic Co., LTD formerly was a producing factory established in 1984 with approx 30 workers with old machine, equipment specialized in producing PP, PE bag for farm product, livestock, poultry feed … In 1999 to follow HCM Citypolicy in relocating the enterprise out of the city and was scaled up to Binh Tien PTE LTD with over 100 workers, the plant is located at Binh Chanh Dist, HCM City.

After 4 years of operation, Binh Tien Enterprise become development and widen production, but infrastructure, workshop area at this area is not met for new demand so Binh Tien PTE is relocated to National Route 1A at Long An province border under the name of Toan Thang Plastic company. National route is the frequent line through Southeastern provinces or Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long AnIZ and downward Mekong Delta river isvery advantage in middle transport cargos.

Toan Thang Plastic Co., LTD has already prepared for itself that until early year of 2007 when VN joining WTO would : Invest and affiliate Toan My Packing PTE in enhancing management energy, production handling and newly invest the whole line of production, equipment and machine when customer are increased.

In early May 2008 Toan Thang Plastic Co., LTD put the line of production of poly propylene multifilament applied on fiber, round string, rope weaving, belts, nets, upholstery textiles, sewing yarns or reinforcement fibres, low power static, density in 0,91, light fiber and water surface floating.

At the beginning of the month 5/2011 Toan Thang Plastics Co.,LTD into 01 production lines nonwoven fabric of geology, the types of bags, bags used in supermarkets.

To expand production, the end of 2015 TOÀN THẮNG PLASTICS CO., LTD will expand 5.000 m2 of land, to build factories to meet the needs of customers.

Work force:

Total cadre worker (January to December of 2017) of the Enterprise in 582:

Indirect worker: 55
Direct worker: 578 mainly operating in machine.

Average salary : 5.872.000 VND/person/month.

Production: (from 01-Jan-2017 to 30-December-2017)

Total yield of each month attain : 10.501.000 bags.
Average sale : 44.125.875.000 VND/month
Labor yield attain : 1.192 tons/month.

Financial capital: 

No.  Year Total Sales (VND)
  01  2006     190.765.556.176
  02  2007     271.365.905.302
  03  2008     305.574.000.000
  04  2009     354.377.446.484
  05  2010     396.952.000.000
  06  2011     496.506.000.000
  07  2012     523.306.000.000
  08  2013     512.847.091.000
  09  2014     515.235.140.000
  10  2015     581.226.000.000
  11  2016      668.000.000.000
  12 9/2017      397.132.875.000

* All are sales of PP, PE bags selling..

Production capacity:

1.Original : Taiwan, China, Korea.
2.Design capacity : 100 million bags/year.
3.Product types :

  • PP, PE bags outside or inside membrane grafted.
  • Poly propylene multifilament.
  • Nonwoven fabric products.

4. Workshop area: 34.915 m2 (By the end of 2015 increased by 5.000m²)
Worker: 582 người
Automation range from line of production : Semi-automatic

5.Machine equipment structure for production PP, PE bags or thread of PP Multifilament. Present the PTE possess 4 workshop as following machine equipment layout.

No. Equipment machine Quantity Original
1 Plastic Circular Looms Machine 200 pieces Taiwan & China
2 Plastic Tape Extrusion Stretching Line 08 set Taiwan & China
3 Offset & Flexo Printing machine with Ten colors 15 set Taiwan & China
4 Flexo Polymer plates making Machine 02 pieces Taiwan
5 Plastics Membrane Grafting Machine 06 pieces Taiwan & China
6 Automatic Cutting & Sewing Machine for woven bags 15 set Taiwan & China
7 Sewing machine for woven bags 150 pieces Taiwan & Japan
8 PP Multi Filament Yarn Machine 02 set Korea
9 Automatic Non-Woven Fabrics Making Machine 01 set China
10 Model Series of Computer Gravure Machine 01 set Taiwan

6.There are 12 printing machines in the PTE all are Offset – Flexo – Gravure printer which enable to print 9 to 10 accurate color. Two specializing machine producing polymer plate. On production Toan Thang Plastic close the service of customer timely, quickly.

7.Each month Polypropylene Multifilament machine produce 210 tons of fiber for fiber, ropes, belts, nets, upholstery textiles, sewing yarns or reinforcement fibres.

8. Toan Thang Plastic Co., LTD plans to invest 01 line automatic machine Non-woven fabrics produced each month to add 180 tons of bags, fabric bags for export.