BADU Networks Business Brief


•  Founded in Orange County late 2013

•  Leader in web performance optimization

•  Offer appliances, software, and service solutions for Web, Mobile, Wi-Fi and Cloudapplications

•  Unique and revolutionary approach to wireless acceleration

•  Technology proven in carrier-grade production environment

Problems we solve
•  Poor Wi-Fi performance for any network

•  Poor video quality – slow starting with buffering and low bit-rates

•  Spotty last mile performance for mobile devices from service provider networks

•  Bad internet conditions that cause slow loading of web pages

•  Slow data backups and synchronizations

Product & Technology
•  Badu Network’s patent-pending technology WarpTCP mitigates the weaknesses and inefficiencies of TCP, especially over wireless networks


•  What WarpTCP is NOT:

•  caching

•  compression

•  de-duplication

•  transcoding

•  packet filtering

•  traffic shaping (QoS)


•  PingFog Product Offering:

•  WarpCE (Carrier Edition)

•  Server side:

•  WarpCloud virtual appliance or software

•  WarpEngine appliance

•  WarpServer software

Why Badu PingFog
•  Improves the user experience dramatically

•  Additive — is complementary to current optimization products like CDN and FEO

•  Easy to deploy — easy to install, no need for continuous tuning

•  Flexibility — deployed as software, virtual instance or an appliance

•  Asymmetric — no receiving side software or hardware required

•  Transparency — agnostic to content, no changes to application or networks

•  Long term investment — PingFog benefits will not be impacted by changes in the network or applications

Typical Customers
•  Internet Service Providers

•  CDNs looking for a better edge performance

•  eCommerce web sites that want to go faster

•  Cloud providers (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS)

•  Enterprises using the cloud to deliver applications or services globally

•  Any company that has latency sensitive applications running across the Internet

•  Hosted Service providers

•  Application Delivery Controller (ADC) manufacturers

•  Mobile Handset or Tablet Manufacturers

•  Hotel or School campus with congested or slow Wi-Fi


•  Eureka Building, 1621 Alton Parkway, Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92606  *  *